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Sikkens Sponsors Replica Ship Project

A replica of a 17th century ship has been launched in the Netherlands after help from Akzo Nobel’s Coatings group.

Built mostly by young unemployed people under the guidance of professionals, work on the Statenjacht started four years ago, with the vessel finally taking to the water in May.

Sikkens become involved in the project in 2001. Theship has since been coated with modern Sikkens® brand lacquers and sealants and anumber of antique Dutch colors within the Rubbol EPS range were evencreated especially for the Statenjacht.

The Sikkens sponsorship was part of an overall project aimedat giving unemployed youngsters the opportunity to learn and master crafts such as woodcarving and ship design.

The original ship on which the new vessel is based used to ferry people to and from larger sea vessels and the shore. The modern version, which was launched in Utrecht, will be used for corporate entertaining and pleasure trips.

(Released: July 17, 2003)