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Smiles All Round

Organon employees in Mexico have donated new toys and clothes to orphans and youngsters from dysfunctional families.

Christmas 2004 may have come and gone, but for many Organon employees in Mexico, it’s one they’ll long remember.

Last December, as part of Organon Mexico’s Social Responsibility program, the company launched its Juguetirrisas—Let Us Give Smiles project.

Designed to bring seasonal joy to underprivileged children, the initiative involved employees donating new toys, clothes and shoes to three organizations that provide shelter for orphans and youngsters from dysfunctional families.

These were handed over by a group of employees earlier this month, when a total of 80 children received gifts, with Organon Mexico also donating extra food, cleaning products, clothes and footwear.

“Juguetirrisas gave us plenty of satisfaction,” said Lilian Fomperosa, President of Organ Mexico’s Social Responsibility Committee. “It not only underlined the solidarity of the company and its employees, but also, and above all, it gave us the opportunity to enjoy the happy faces of the 80 children we visited, who paid for all of our efforts with their smiles.”

Added Lilian, who is also Manager for Regulatory Affairs: “Each project we complete to help the community, as small as it may seem, is a very important achievement which reflects our values as employees and as a company.”

(Released: January 24, 2005)

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