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Stark vision of a colorless future

People in London were recently greeted by the bizarre sight of a group of colorless commuters traveling through the city.

from head-to-toe in white, the surreal stunt was staged by AkzoNobel's Dulux paint brand to highlight the results of a study which suggests that people in cities are shying away from using bright colors in their everyday lives.

"We add more color when we are off duty as a celebration of freedom and an expression of individuality," explained Dulux creative director Marianne Shillingford. "If we could turn up the color dial in every aspect of our lives, the sense of liberation would feel like a revolution. Without color, life would be devastation."

by Dulux, the Colorless Future Census warns that the UK is sleepwalking into a colorless future, with color gradually draining out of all elements of life, from fashion and beauty, to technology, architecture and homes and interiors.

Applied Color Psychologist, Karen Haller: "If we were to live in a world without color, we would switch off all natural human feelings and emotion and, in essence, would lose touch with who we really are.

"Without color the world would be clinical, cold and sterile. It would be devoid of individuality or any self-expression. Having fun and experimenting with color has a transformative power to influence our mood, behavior and general well-being."

white-clad figures could be seen in various locations around London, from riding on the tube and hailing a bus to walking among tourists around Tower Bridge.

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