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Successful Launch For Pilot Plant

Akzo Nobel’s Base Chemicals business has successfully launched the first phase of a pilot hydrogen power plant with project partner NedStack.

The two companies recently launched a three-year research project to determine the feasibility of setting up a power plant based on fuel cells and the PEM fuel cell system being developed is now up and running at Akzo Nobel’s pilot plant based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

NedStack has installed proton exchange membrane fuel cells that consume the hydrogen produced at the pilot plant and convert this hydrogen to electric power. Measured electrical efficiency of the fuel cells in this “real life” situation is currently 61.8 percent.

Installation and operation of the chlorine electrolysis pilot plant is just the first step in the development of a proposed 50 MW fuel cell power plant which will result in a substantial reduction of net energy consumption.

From 2006, a pilot plant based on a fuel cell module of 50 kW will be installed at Akzo Nobel’s chemicals site in Rotterdam. Preliminary specifications for this fuel cell power plant are: 50 MW nominal power, 200 MW rated fuel cell peak power, 60 percent electrical efficiency, zero emission and 40,000 hours fuel cell operating time without maintenance.

During the project—which is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs—NedStack and Akzo Nobel will develop and build a pilot power module to prove feasibility, test reliability and design the full-scale fuel cell power plant.

(Released: January 21, 2005)

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