Taking a shine to solar energy

Site in Thane, India helps drive our 100% renewable energy ambition

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we have a burning ambition to use 100% renewable electricity by 2030. And we’re already a third of the way there.    

In total, 33 of our locations now use 100% renewable electricity, with solar panels having been installed at 14 of them. One of these sites is in Thane, India, where phase three of a major solar installation project recently got underway.

The panels are situated next to our powder coatings plant, which opened in 2018 and serves the architecture, functional, and industrial and commercial segments. Given the fact that the products made at the site are inherently sustainable, it’s somehow fitting that the facility’s renewable energy use is steadily increasing – it now stands at 29%.

“When it comes to being sustainable, our approach is to act now,” explains Rinske van Heiningen, the company’s Director of Sustainability. “It’s about taking big and small steps so that we make a real difference by having a positive impact on our customers, the environment and our business.

“That’s why initiatives like our solar installation project in India are so important to us. It underlines how sustainability has become a daily strategy for us and shows how we’re constantly taking action to ensure that we continue to lead the industry.”

The ongoing work in Thane was given extra prominence by the presence of CEO Thierry Vanlancker and CFO Maarten de Vries, who officially inaugurated phase three of the project. It will add a further 372KWp of capacity, bringing the total of all three phases to 927KWp.

“Thane is a great proof point of our People. Planet. Paint. approach to sustainability,” continues Rinske. “It’s another example of how committed we are to reducing our environmental footprint and helping to protect and preserve the world around us.”