Tribute to Johan Cruyff unveiled in Amsterdam

Mrs. Cruyff revealed a mural of famous Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff, together with Amsterdam Mayor van der Laan and representatives of the Cruyff Legacy in Amsterdam. The location of the mural is full of symbolism, as it is in the area of the old Ajax stadium and opposite the neighborhood of Betondorp, where Cruyff grew up.

Founded by Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff Foundation gives thousands of children all over the world access to safe sporting facilities. More than 230 “Cruyff Courts” have been established to date.

AkzoNobel is a preferred supplier to the Cruyff Foundation and has supplied paint for projects in various countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, Argentina and India. “The importance of the Foundation’s work for society is now bigger than ever,” said Niels Meijer, Director of the Cruyff Foundation. “Also after Johan’s passing, we continue to work hard to offer children a healthy and happy future through sports. For that, the help of partners like AkzoNobel is very important.

Over the past years we have worked closely together in creating and maintaining new and existing Cruyff Courts worldwide ad we are proud of the impact we have had together.” “We strongly believe that color can have a very positive impact on people’s lives and that paint has the power to energize cities and communities around the world,” said Ruud Joosten – AkzoNobel Executive Committee member responsible for Decorative Paints.

The design and painting is done by famous Brazilian artist Paulo Consentino, who has been developing “football art” projects around South America and Europe, bringing together football fans and art lovers. In 2015, footballer Luis Suarez was the subject of a special mural created by Consentino, using AkzoNobel’s Inca brand to immortalize the Barcelona player on the walls of his old school in Montevideo, Uruguay as part of the company’s Let’s Colour Initiative.