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TV Date For Art Foundation

Akzo Nobel’s renowned Art Foundation collection is to star in its very own television program later this month.

The 30-minute show—to be screened in the Netherlands on March 13—is part of a special series which highlights different aspects of the arts.

Once the 13-episode run is complete, viewers will be asked to select their favorite and the program-makers will then make an entire series dedicated to the subject of the winning show.

Filming recently took place at Akzo Nobel’s HQ in Arnhem for a program about company art collections, which will include interviews with various employees and members of management, including CEO Hans Wijers and Director of Corporate Communications, John McLaren.

“From the interviews we’ve conducted with employees, it’s clear that people have some sort of opinion and that the collection provokes a reaction in everyone,” explained program editor Coralie Pluut.

“That surprised me, because I thought perhaps some people wouldn’t be too bothered about it. But everyone we spoke to had something to say, including the restaurant staff, and mentioned that they either liked or dislike a piece, which is what art is all about, stimulating a response.”

added that the program will also give public exposure to paintings, photographs and sculptures which people wouldn’t normally be able to see unless they visited the company’s HQ building.

“Akzo Nobel’s Art Foundation collection is very impressive,” continued Pluut. “When we were researching the program, there were a number of possibilities, but we chose Akzo Nobel because of the quality of the company’s collection.”

The television exposure will also bring some welcome publicity for the artists whose work is on display.

“We’ll be able to show them how Akzo Nobel’s employees live with their artwork,” said Art Foundation director, Hester Alberdingk-Thijm.

“The program will also open up the collection to the general public, so we’ll be able to show people what we’re doing and how the works on display stimulate our employees and act as a bridge between our cultural identity and diversity.”

Part of the AVRO Kunst Panorama strand, the program featuring the company’s art collection—entitled Mooi Werk (nice work)—will be screened at 11.30pm on Nederland 1.

(Released: March 4, 2005)

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