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TV Date For CEO

Akzo Nobel and chairman Cees Van Lede are to appear in a special documentary which has been filmed by Korean television.

Akzo Nobel and the company’s chairman, Cees van Lede, are to appear in a special documentary which has been filmed by the Korean Broadcasting Company (KBS).

two-part program focuses on all aspects of Dutch society, particularly the so-called “Dutch miracle”—the way in which politicians, employers’ organizations and labor unions cooperate to successfully handle the economic situation.

Nobel was chosen because it is a prime example of a Dutch-based company which has an excellent international reputation.

special camera crew came over to the Netherlands and they interviewed Mr Van Lede about various aspects of the organization, such as its policies and the importance of Korea to the company’s operations.

number of other individuals also contribute their own views on Dutch society, including one of Akzo Nobel’s Coatings employees and a variety of major figures in the social-economic arena.

documentary, called Sunday Special, is scheduled to be broadcast on KBS1 in two 60-minute programs being shown on January 20 and 27 at 20.00 hours local time.

(Released: January 8, 2002)

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