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Akzo Nobel is listed in a new ranking of European corporate websites which has just been published.

Akzo Nobel’s corporate website has been ranked in the top five in the Netherlands and one of the best 100 in Europe in an annual listing which has just been published.

Webranking 2002—the European corporate website rankings produced by Sweden’s Halvarsson & Halvarsson—puts Akzo Nobel in fifth place in the Netherlands and 98th position out of 500 in Europe.

The rankings were based, for the first time, on the FT500 list of top European quoted companies, which was published in May this year.

Sites were analyzed primarily for the way they communicate with investors and the financial markets, with scores being awarded in two categories—technique and content.

The top three overall positions are occupied by Swedish companies, with websites from the Scandinavian country making up exactly half of the top ten. Their domination is attributed partly to the fact that the web has become a core tool for Swedish companies.

As well as running the rule over the quality of company web services for investors, the ranking also highlights the increasingly important role of the internet as a means of disclosing financial information.

(Released: November 6, 2002)

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