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Work Progressing on "Chemical Island"

Construction work on a “chemical island” being built in Brazil by Akzo Nobel’s Eka Chemicals business is nearing the half-way stage.

The facility—which will also be operated by the pulp and paper chemicals BU—will supply chemicals to a new pulp mill which is currently being built by Veracel in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

Eka has secured a 15-year supply agreement for the delivery of chemicals to the mill and the so-called chemical island will consist of a chlorine dioxide plant, an oxygen production unit and a tank farm, as well as a sodium chlorate plant.

Up to 700 people will be working on the site at any one time, with installation work in the tank park having started in June, while work on the building housing the chlorate and chlorine dioxide processes began last month.

Around 25 kilometers of piping also has to be laid and assembled before the plant can start operating.

The Veracel mill, which is scheduled for completion in May next year, will be the world’s largest single-line bleached eucalyptus pulp mill, with an output of around 900,000 tons per year.

Eka Chemicals is one of 16 companies involved in the project.

(Released: August 10, 2004)

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