media release

Concern about climate change

In 1996 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that “the balance of evidence suggests that there is a discernable human influence on global climate”. Today in 2004, this statement is still considered valid, although much more research is needed to increase understanding of the scientific, social and economic aspects of the climate problem.

Akzo Nobel shares the worldwide concern about global warming and is committed to the pursuit of greenhouse gas emission reductions. We regard the emission limits for greenhouse gases set in the Kyoto protocol and other national and international efforts as important initial steps in lowering greenhouse gas emissions and stabilizing global temperatures, but we also want to emphasize the need for global support to these initiatives.

Akzo Nobel has already a long history in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a consequence of this policy, in the past 14 years our global Energy Efficiency has improved by more than 20%. We achieved this by substantially extending our Joint Venture Combined Heat and Power Production Capacity and taking Energy Efficiency measures in our Energy Intensive Processes. Moreover, today 40% of Akzo Nobel’s Power Consumption is from renewable sources (mainly hydro). In the coming years Akzo Nobel will extend reporting on the levels and trends in its greenhouse gas emissions. A monitoring system for Energy use and Energy Efficiency is already in place. To further emphasize the importance of this subject, from 2004 we decided to include the monitoring and reporting of our main energy parameters (Energy Efficiency, Direct CO2 Emission and Zero or Low Carbon Power Consumption) in our Corporate Parameter monitoring and reporting system.