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Professor to Receive Award

The winner of this year's Akzo Nobel Science Award will be officially presented with his prize this week.

Professor Anton Berns, the winner of this year’s Akzo Nobel Science Award, will be officially presented with his honor in the Netherlands this week.

Recognized for his work in the field of experimental genetics—notably fundamental cancer research and molecular immunology—Professor Berns is one of the most prolific and respected researchers in the field of experimental genetics in the world.

Scientific Director and Chairman of the Board of Management of the Dutch Cancer Institute, Berns enjoys a worldwide reputation for developing mouse models for the study of cancer and major progress in this field means that tumors developed by these mice increasingly resemble those of humans.

He will receive his EUR 50,000 prize at Akzo Nobel’s corporate headquarters in Arnhem on November 7.

(Released: November 6, 2002)