AkzoNobel supplier information

Welcome to the AkzoNobel supplier website.

This website provides you with invoicing instructions to ensure prompt payment from AkzoNobel and directions for how to raise a query about invoices. 

Detailed instruction documents for invoicing AkzoNobel are available, or you may read the instruction summary below.

Please pay attention to the invoicing method applicable to the relevant entity/country. Please follow these instructions below to enable correct and timely payment of your invoices: 

General guidelines

  • Do not accept any orders without a Purchase Order number
  • Always ensure that your invoice contains the correct Purchase Order number and AkzoNobel billing address. No invoices will be processed, and no payments will be made if your invoice does not contain this information
  • Send your digital invoices to the correct email address. This is the preferred was of receiving invoices in AkzoNobel
  • In case you are unable to send digital invoices, then send your physical invoices to the correct PO Box/mailing address (as applicable)
  • Use only one method for invoice submission. Never submit the same invoice as hard copy and via email address
  • General guidelines will not overrule country legal requirements which will prevail

Instructions for submitting digital invoices via email (preferred)

  1. Send your email to the correct invoice email address (see documents with AkzoNobel contact details below)
  2. Email IDs for invoice submission are system based, used only for invoice reception and are not monitored
  3. Convert your invoice to PDF-format
  4. Check that PDF-invoice is readable (high quality) and attach the PDF invoice to the email. Formats other than PDF cannot be processed
  5. Do not add more than one invoice per PDF
  6. Ensure that the e-mail size does not exceed 10 MB to prevent system rejections
  7. Ensure that the email body is blank. Remove all signatures or encryptions to prevent system rejections
  8. Any questions or additional information that you would like to raise should be sent to the separate vendor query email address (shown on your specific Purchase Order and the contact details shared below)
  9. Do not send a physical hard copy invoice if you have sent the digital invoice via email as it will delay or prevent payment

Instructions for submitting hardcopy invoices (not preferred)

  1. Send your invoice to the correct AkzoNobel billing address (shown on your specific Purchase Order and the contact details shared below)
  2. Do not send a digital invoice if you have sent the hard copy invoice as it will delay or prevent payment
  3. Please consider that hard copy invoices will require a longer processing time compared to digital invoices

Questions about your invoice?

  • The email address for queries can be found on the Purchase Order or in the AkzoNobel contact details files below. Please note that this a different email address from the one used for invoice submission
  • Please make sure to include the Invoice Number, Purchase Order number and your contact details in the email along with a clear description of your question and/or issue.

Detailed instructions are available in the documents below: